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New Yoga Teacher Talks To a Couple of Seasoned Ones 🙂

This episode was recorded in June! I know. Late. It’s a really great episode though. Thrilled to finally be getting it to you. Listen up as we chat it up with our first guest on the podcast!!!!! Wooo hooooo!!!
Disclaimer: So given the fact that this episode was recorded a while ago….*cough* 9 MONTHS AGO, much has changed in all the participants lives. It would be kinda cool to get together and go at it again, touching on the what we spoke about 😀 Perhaps we can even have new folks join us!
Here are our show notes
  • Nicole Ghastin
  • You finished your yoga teacher training then what?
  • Actors as yoga teachers, are you giving up your craft?
  • What was your experience after finishing your teacher training?
  • Labeling yourself: Do you choose to align with a specific label? Who are you?
  • Attachment and detachment
  • Re-Inventing yourself, and re-finding who you are
  • What if you are not *just* a yoga teacher?
  • Being a yoga teacher is not just working at a studio and doing privates: How do you grow yourself?
  • How do you get your juice going when you don’t want to teach? How do you stay inspired?
  • In what ways do themes help you teach.
  • Yes, we talk about Naime Jezzeny…..again 😉
  • How do you evolve as a yoga teacher? More than a yoga teacher
  • Hillary’s Post about Fear
  • shaktibox.com
  • Mudra Moments FB group

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