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  • Hillary and Elsie have been Livin’ La Vida Mudra 🙂
  • All about teaching beginners addressing Heather Thompson Vandermyde’s question from Duck Yoga
  • What is your niche as a yoga teacher?
  • What is your area of expertise as a yoga teacher? Become and expert
  • What is is that you care about in the yoga world?
  • What do you bring to yoga as a teacher?
  • Turn into yourself and go back to the beginning, in order to teach beginners.
  • What constitutes a beginners class?
  • Using therapy and incorporating it some of it in beginners classes, get creative!
  • Doug Keller
  • Themes are so necessary and empowering for a beginner student
  • It’s challenging to teach beginners as it really requires that you step into actually teaching
  • Do you teach your class, or do you lead your class?
  • How do we get to better our game? (Teaching Yoga)
  • Visualize yourself teaching
  • Mentor or model yourself under someone
  • Take a retreat with us: Hillary and Elsie! Mudra Moments retreat 😀
  • Lake Rahasya- the retreat house rocks – see it on the side here! lake retreat house
  • Douglas Brooks
  • Elsie’s missing the yoga kula
  • Pittsburgh’s yoga community rocks!
  • Jade Yoga
  • Elsie’s favorite Beinjoy Mat
  • Getting Elsie to teach in Pittsburgh
  • Hillary’s subbing/assisting tips for help onto a schedule

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