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Welcome to another episode!


Given some of the subject matter I thought this was an appropriate video 😉

Oh and this is Hillary’s Video that she talks about Yoga and Technology!

In this yoga podcast:

  • Shout-out to Leanne
  • get involved in the conversation…WITH US 🙂
  • Things don’t just happen. You need to do the work.
  • The business of yoga
  • Blogger
  • WordPress
  • GoDaddy
  • Writing your bio
  • Yoga and technology, why is it important?
  • Marketing yourself; use your gifts
  • Namaste interactive
  • Vista Print
  • Constant Contact
  • iWeb
  • More yoga teaching tips to get yourself out there!
  • Guerrila Yoga and Brian Kest Power Yoga
  • Lululemon Ambassador Program
  • Adapt, adapt, adapt 🙂 You never know who’s going to come to class
  • Moo Cards!
  • Bartering your services
  • Adjustments: Is touching a student necessary? What is the intention?
  • What kind of touching is going on in yoga class…
  • Teacher/student crushes: How do you handle them? Hillary puts me on the spot!!!)
  • Can you marry your students? 😀
  • Wanna be on Mudra Moments? Listen to the end of the show to find out how!

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mudra girls


Mentioned in this free podcast about yoga on and off the mat:


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A special thanks to Victor Cajiao from the Typical Mac User Podcast for lending us the nifty and oh so coveted H2 to record this podcast! You are such an angel 😉

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When we hear the word perfect it can bring up alot.. like no one is perfect saying it like its an excuse. But what if we saw everything as perfect even the perfect mess to invite you to become more involved with life on and off your mat. Practice reveals perfection letting all parts of ourselves be seen as divine. Dive in and see how all of you is perfect. 

What are your Mudra Moments?

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Namaste! Yes this means more than hello actually that the light in us recognizes the light in you… How sweet to see we are all connected and now there is a new way to share our yoga beyond stretching. See how two Urban Yoga Teachers keep the yoga going off the mat… and if we are lucky we get to stretch with out busy schedules.

Featured in this Yoga Podcast:

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