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Hillary and Asaf doing the PotteryElsie and Hunter Rose

It has been 1 YEAR since we published our last episode, goodness me! But….WE’RE BACK!!!

Hillary and I FINALLY got together and recorded a new episode (In fact, we recorded two…) Hillary was at home, and I was taking a walk with my lovely little Hunter Rose. We look forward to stepping into Mudra Moments again, as we have so much to share!

It would really mean a lot of you guys shared Mudra Moments with new teachers and gave us a little review in iTunes 🙂



As always this yoga themed podcast we address many topics that touch the yoga teacher:

  • Where in the world have we been? A quick catch up
  • Finding time for asana practice as a yoga teacher
  • Hillary gives Elsie some helpful feedback regarding optimal pacing while teaching her yoga class.
  • Providing an opportunity for your yoga students to grow with you.
  • Discussion about teaching to a wide range of students in one yoga class.
  • A question from Lina from Malaysia regarding the jargon of ‘inner and outer spiral’. (Send us feedback and share the way that YOU teach it!)
  • Getting deeper into the themeing to teach the Alignment Principles
  • Elsie discusses teaching yoga as a new Mommy.
  • Letting go of control and just co-participating
  • Hillary goes to pottery class and reconnects with the beginner mind.
  • The new yoga experience for Elsie.
  • Creating something out of nothing.
  • Rebranding Yourself (much more coming up about this!)

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  • Call us! 310 651 6238

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Hillary Rubin

We look forward to hearing from you!!!


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