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  • Hillary and Elsie have been Livin’ La Vida Mudra 🙂
  • All about teaching beginners addressing Heather Thompson Vandermyde’s question from Duck Yoga
  • What is your niche as a yoga teacher?
  • What is your area of expertise as a yoga teacher? Become and expert
  • What is is that you care about in the yoga world?
  • What do you bring to yoga as a teacher?
  • Turn into yourself and go back to the beginning, in order to teach beginners.
  • What constitutes a beginners class?
  • Using therapy and incorporating it some of it in beginners classes, get creative!
  • Doug Keller
  • Themes are so necessary and empowering for a beginner student
  • It’s challenging to teach beginners as it really requires that you step into actually teaching
  • Do you teach your class, or do you lead your class?
  • How do we get to better our game? (Teaching Yoga)
  • Visualize yourself teaching
  • Mentor or model yourself under someone
  • Take a retreat with us: Hillary and Elsie! Mudra Moments retreat 😀
  • Lake Rahasya- the retreat house rocks – see it on the side here! lake retreat house
  • Douglas Brooks
  • Elsie’s missing the yoga kula
  • Pittsburgh’s yoga community rocks!
  • Jade Yoga
  • Elsie’s favorite Beinjoy Mat
  • Getting Elsie to teach in Pittsburgh
  • Hillary’s subbing/assisting tips for help onto a schedule

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Welcome to another episode!


Given some of the subject matter I thought this was an appropriate video 😉

Oh and this is Hillary’s Video that she talks about Yoga and Technology!

In this yoga podcast:

  • Shout-out to Leanne
  • get involved in the conversation…WITH US 🙂
  • Things don’t just happen. You need to do the work.
  • The business of yoga
  • Blogger
  • WordPress
  • GoDaddy
  • Writing your bio
  • Yoga and technology, why is it important?
  • Marketing yourself; use your gifts
  • Namaste interactive
  • Vista Print
  • Constant Contact
  • iWeb
  • More yoga teaching tips to get yourself out there!
  • Guerrila Yoga and Brian Kest Power Yoga
  • Lululemon Ambassador Program
  • Adapt, adapt, adapt 🙂 You never know who’s going to come to class
  • Moo Cards!
  • Bartering your services
  • Adjustments: Is touching a student necessary? What is the intention?
  • What kind of touching is going on in yoga class…
  • Teacher/student crushes: How do you handle them? Hillary puts me on the spot!!!)
  • Can you marry your students? 😀
  • Wanna be on Mudra Moments? Listen to the end of the show to find out how!

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Mentioned in this free yoga podcast for yoga teachers by yoga teachers:

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mudra girls


Mentioned in this free podcast about yoga on and off the mat:


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A special thanks to Victor Cajiao from the Typical Mac User Podcast for lending us the nifty and oh so coveted H2 to record this podcast! You are such an angel 😉

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Leave us Feedback!!!! 206 333 0229

Please review us in iTunes 🙂

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